At the age of 83, Gwen Rosebush is living on her own for the first time in her life. Hearing Gwen describe life in her one-bedroom apartment is reminiscent of hearing college students gloat about the glories of life away from their parents. "I can do whatever," Gwen boasts. "I can get up, I can lay down, I can eat whenever, and I can go out and do whatever I like," she says. "I do as I damn well please, which I had never had the opportunity to do."

After an impoverished upbringing in Harrowsmith, Ontario, followed by difficult decades of marriage, child rearing, and two careers, Gwen now chooses to spend her days doing just what she feels like doing, often in the company of her dog Heidi. Her husband passed away in 2005, and since then Gwen has been relishing her new-found independence. "After living all those years, and some of them were not too nice, I think, when I reach the age of 83, I deserve my time," says Gwen. "And this is my time."

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